Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've started Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson. It was originally published in 1999. As previously mentioned here, I liked both of Larson's more recent books, so I purchased this used and was anxious to start it after Thunderstruck. When I opened it, I noticed that there was a paper in-between the leaves of the book, about a quarter of the way into the book. It was an Amazon receipt from the original owner.

The book was sent as a Mother's Day gift from a son, who was living in the UK, to his mother living in Texas. The note said:
"Happy Mother's Day! I thought you might enjoy reading this. Hopefully, nothing like that storm will happen again! Love, Bill."

Hmmm... Apparently his mother didn't enjoy the book as much as Bill hoped she would, since my suspicion is that the receipt was being used as a book marker, and a storm like that has indeed happen again... and again.
I'm leaving the receipt in the book.

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