Thursday, September 13, 2007


Deeper by Jeff Long is s sequel to The Descent. If you haven't read The Descent, then you will want to read it before Deeper. Long takes us back to Hell which located right below our feet. Deeper just came out in August 2007. My hardcover copy has 420 pages.

From Amazon:
Fans who hoped for a sequel to Long's 1999 bestseller The Descent may be sorry to have their wish granted, as this fumbling thriller fails to expand on the tantalizing concepts explored in its predecessor. Set 10 years after spelunkers stumbled into a literal Hell and later led a supposedly successful expedition to kill Satan, this story opens on Halloween, when underground creatures abduct dozens of children and slay any adults trying to stop them. Grieving mother and widow Rebecca Coltrane, the media-anointed public face of the disaster, makes clever political use of the publicity to launch a major military expedition underneath the Earth in search of her daughter and the other missing children. As war brews underground between the explorers and the quasi-human hadals, aboveground tensions increase between China and the U.S..... Copyright © Reed Business Information"

is not as good as The Descent. It's certainly by no means a bad book and I did stay up way too late reading just one more chapter in order to finish it, but The Descent was overall a more enjoyable read. Supposedly Long is writing a trilogy, so one can hope that the third and final book is back up to the quality of The Descent.

Personally, at this point, my favorite novel by Jeff Long would probably be Year Zero. I did enjoy The Descent and the twist at the end of The Wall totally took me by surprise. I would recommend Deeper but only after you have read The Descent.

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