Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Long Tomorrow

The science fiction post-apocalyptic book, The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett was definitely enjoyable. It was originally written in 1955. My paperback edition from 1974 is 262 pages long. If you can find a copy of The Long Tomorrow I recommend it.

From Amazon:
" 'No city, no town, no community of more than one thousand people or two hundred buildings to the square mile, shall be built or permitted to exist anywhere in the United States of America. Constitution of the United States Thirteenth Amendment'. Two generations after the Destruction, rumors persisted about a sacred desert hideaway where scientists worked with dangerous machines and where men plotted to revive the cities. Almost a continent away, Len Coulter heard whisperings that fired his imagination. Then one day he found a strange wooden box..."


"There's never been an act done since the beginning, from a kid stealing candy to a dictator committing genocide, that the person doing it didn't think he was fully justified. That's a mental trick called rationalizing, and it's done the human race more harm than anything else you can name. "

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