Sunday, March 2, 2008

mixed bag morning

It's been one of those mixed bag mornings of bad/good.

Bad: We've been visiting so many different churches lately that I forgot what time church started. I thought 10:30, but it was actually 10:00. We left our house at 10:00.
Good: Normally it takes us around 25-30 minutes to get there. Today all the stoplights were in my favor so we made it in 16.

Bad: We walked in during a baby dedication.
Good: We managed to slip into seats in the last row.

Bad: My throat is still tickling from my earlier cold so I'm constantly wanting to cough.
Good: I managed to avoid coughing by keeping a throat lozenge in my mouth throughout the service.

Bad: Since we were late, we missed the singing/worship time.
Good: Singing would have likely made me want to cough even more.

Bad: It's an extremely windy eat dust and sand kind of day. Later it's supposed to get cold and snow
Good: Right now, it's warm.

Bad: When getting ready this AM, I managed to spray deodorant on the side of my hair in place of hairspray.
Good: It was a brief spray before I realized I am an idiot. Now that part of my head should be protected from odor incase of a sweaty hot flash.


Memories of yesterday said...

LOL Poor Lori. I once used fingernail polish remover as astringent before I as fully awake. he he

Jane said...

Just don't spray hair spray under your arm!!