Friday, April 4, 2008


Event by David Lynn Golemon was originally published in 2006. My paperback copy has 482 pages.

Synopsis from Back Cover:

The Event Group is the most secret organization in the United States, comprised of the nation’s most brilliant individuals in the branches of science, philosophy, and the military. Led by the valiant Major Jack Collins, they are dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history—from underground agencies and conspiracy theories to extraterrestrial life and UFOs. And now that a new, unspeakable threat has been revealed, humanity’s greatest hope for survival lies with Collins and his crew.


This time, the Group faces an enemy of remarkable strength and power. In order to ensure that history’s errors never be repeated, the Group must team up with an unlikely ally to stop a deadly presence known only as the Destroyer of Worlds. Now, amid the desert wastelands of the American Southwest, the epic battle between two entities is about to begin…. “Golemon puts his military experience to good use…sure to satisfy fans of The X-Files.”—Publishers Weekly


"To tell you the truth, knowing what's in those crates... I can't seem to look at the world the same as I did yesterday." pg 2

"The two Super Tomcats were about a mile behind the UFO. The shape was what they had always expected or thought they would have seen - if they ever saw one." pg. 10

"Well, Mr. Lincoln, although he didn't know it at the time, laid the foundation for the Event Group during the Civil War." pg. 42

For now, those mountains held a close-kept and dark secret that was about to be shared with the world. The bogeyman was starting to wake up." pg. 83

"If they are indeed back, and if they are successful this time, something may be out there that will explain to you in no uncertain terms why man has always been afraid of the dark." pg 117
"...people are from California, Sarge, they may have been just stupid enough to walk off into the desert." pg.225

" 'Why don't you guys do what comes natural to French soldiers?'...
'And what would that be, my drunken friend?'
'Give up and let Americans get a handle on this.' " pg 417-418

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