Thursday, July 24, 2008

Indigo Slam

Indigo Slam by Robert Crais was originally published in 1997. My paperback copy is 307 pages. I am continuing to enjoy Crais' Elvis Cole mysteries. Elvis is a likable character and the stories move along at a quick pace. These really are a great choice for summer reading.

Synopsis from book cover:

Life in the California sun suits Elvis Cole—until the day a fifteen-year-old girl and her two younger siblings walk into his office. Then everything changes.

Three years ago, a Seattle family ran for their lives in a hail of bullets. Hired by three kids to find their missing father, Elvis now must pick up the cold pieces of a drama that began that night. What he finds is a sordid tale of high crimes and illicit drugs. As clues to a man’s secret life emerge from the shadows, Elvis knows he’s not just up against ruthless mobsters and some very angry Feds. He’s facing a storm of desperation and conspiracy—bearing down on three children whose only crime was their survival. . . .

"At two-fourteen in the morning on the night they left one life to begin their next, the rain thundered down in a raging curtain that thrummed against the house and the porch and the plain white Econoline van that the United States Marshals had brought to whisk them away." first sentence

"Teri knew that her father was in trouble with some very bad men who wanted to hurt them." pg. 4

"Our father travels often so we're used to being on our own, but he's never been gone this long before, and we're concerned." pg. 17

"When you hire a private eye, you hire a snooper. Snooping is how you find people who walk away without telling you where they've gone. Snooping is what I do." pg. 36

"I thought about Teresa and Charles and Winona, and how the daddy I was trying to find wasn't the same daddy that Teri was searching for, and I thought how sad it was that we often never really know the people around us, even the people we love." pg. 50

"I was probably thirty seconds away from being thrown into jail, but you always feel better when you tough off to a guy." pg. 96

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