Saturday, August 2, 2008


Question: When you visit this blog would you describe the background color as a soft bluish purple, a light periwinkle purple, OR would you say it is more of a pinkish purple?

It was designed to be a soft periwinkle blue, however I noticed that it comes up as much more pink on Just Me's monitor. I want it to be seen as more blue by most people, so your comments are important. Thanks!

Edit: Never mind.... I went to a gray background with some blue added.


Memories of yesterday said...

It's purple. A slightly lighter color than the flowers in the header.

Lori L said...

Wonder boy said his monitor shows the background color the same as mine and he calls it a purple, so I'm going to edit the post to ask if it's a light periwinkle purple or a pinkish purple. I like the periwinkle bluish purple.

Lori L said...

Wonder Boy's monitor also showed it too pinkish, so the background has been changed to add more blue, less red. Maybe it's time to update the whole look.

Jane said...

I think it's more of the light periwinkle bluish purple.
Not nearly as purple as my vacuum. LOL