Saturday, August 2, 2008


Question: When you visit this blog would you describe the background color as a soft bluish purple, a light periwinkle purple, OR would you say it is more of a pinkish purple?

It was designed to be a soft periwinkle blue, however I noticed that it comes up as much more pink on Just Me's monitor. I want it to be seen as more blue by most people, so your comments are important. Thanks!

Edit: Never mind.... I went to a gray background with some blue added.


Stacey said...

It's purple. A slightly lighter color than the flowers in the header.

Lori said...

Wonder boy said his monitor shows the background color the same as mine and he calls it a purple, so I'm going to edit the post to ask if it's a light periwinkle purple or a pinkish purple. I like the periwinkle bluish purple.

Lori said...

Wonder Boy's monitor also showed it too pinkish, so the background has been changed to add more blue, less red. Maybe it's time to update the whole look.

Jane said...

I think it's more of the light periwinkle bluish purple.
Not nearly as purple as my vacuum. LOL