Wednesday, May 27, 2009

random thoughts

I am reading, I'm right in the middle of Geek Love, but I'm also watching X-Files (we're on season 5) in the evenings with my college aged kids. When summer school starts next week my reading will pick up again.

Lisa had a great post this week:
7 Ways To Make Sure No One Reads Your Blog Posts
Be sure to read all the comments too.

Question: Why do you subscribe to blogs or be a follower?
Along the same lines, why do people require you to be a follower of their blog for extra entries in various give-aways? I follow, all on my own, in my favorites, many, many blogs. If I have the time I'll check them. If I'm busy, I don't. I follow my (small number) of followers. I'm happy with my system. I don't need extra email and don't mind the extra time it might take to check out the blogs on my favorites list. Sometimes I feel people are trying to "coerce" me into officially following them. To be honest, this makes me feel stubborn and I always briefly consider not reading their blogs again.


LisaMM said...

Hi Lori! Thanks for the shout out! The comments on that post got out of hand!

I'll be honest, I'll comment on contest posts if it's a book I'm interested in, but I never follow people for extra entries, or post about their contests, or require anybody to do that when I have a contest. It's obvious why they do it (more traffic for their blogs) but it feels very manipulative to me. Just my opinion!

Lori L said...

I thought the comments were fun, LOL!

You know, it's nice to hear someone else feel like it's manipulative too. I guess I feel like they should be happy I'm over there reading them and interested in them enough to return.