Sunday, February 28, 2010

Love's Enduring Promise

Love's Enduring Promise by Janette Oke
Love Comes Softly, #2
trade paperback, 239 pages
Bethany House Publishers, 1980
ISBN-13: 9780764228490

From the Publisher
In this sequel, Clark and Marty Davis now preside over a growing family in their little prairie house. But as they reach out to those in their frontier community, they discover that love is not limited by the size of a dwelling.
My Thoughts:
OK, I have the Love Comes Softly books out of my system now. Although I would still give them to a young teen to read way before Twilight, this second book was really not as good as the first. And the dialect really bothered me this time. Oke seemed to rush through the story, perhaps to get to the next book in the series.No rating on this one.


joemmama said...

First- Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such warm comments. I think I have been stewing since the blogger awards, and finally it just had to come out! I have been reading you for quite a while (in a reader which I hate because I miss the more personal contact) and I am rethinking the use of it. I was thinking of these books for my granddaughter, but I fear she is already Twilightized.

Lori L said...

Thanks, Joemmama! I meant every word I wrote when commenting.
My daughter read Twilight (and the second book) relatively recently, as an adult, and the Love Comes Softly books years ago when she was a young teen. She commented to me (after I read the two books) that the Love Comes Softly books were better than the Twilight books, in her opinion.