Saturday, April 10, 2010

word verification

Sorry... I've had to add word verification to the comments because of spam.
Someone keeps repeatedly trying to comment with embedded links to porn.


Jeanne said...

So sorry! Once a machine finds you, it's relentless. I have a chinese spammer who puts a comment (in characters) on an old post every day. And every day I reject it (luckily it's an old post; I now moderate anything older than 14 days).

Lori L said...

It sounds like we have the same spammer, Jeanne. It's really very annoying, but since I'm busy packing to move I don't have as much time to keep track of comments... and I'm slow at the best of times, LOL!

Jane said...

I had to add the word verification too. I was just getting weird comments that didn't make any sense. Like on my recipe for loaded baked potato soup I got a comment about how they agreed with my points about the end of the world. LOL Or, "I agree with you this time, but maybe not next time." LOL WHAT?!

Lori L said...

Jane, that's too funny, "they agreed with my points about the end of the world" after a recipe for soup, LOL!
My most diligent spammer is still around, so now I'm approving comments.