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The Truest Thing about You

The Truest Thing about You by David Lomas  D. R. Jacobsen
David C Cook: 2/1/2014
Trade Paperback, 224 pages

ISBN-13: 9780781408554 
There are true things about us and there are truer things. David Lomas invites readers to move beyond what may simply be true to the truest thing, discovering a real identity in Christ.
We are all bundles of competing desires and half-true labels. We arry them around like scars; we carry them around like badges. They tell us we are no more than a job description, relationship status, or appearance. But the most important and truest identity of every Christian is that they are loved, accepted, and created in the image of God.   In The Truest Thing about You, Lomas addresses head-on the deepest questions of the soul: How can I know the truest thing about me? Not who I wish I was or who others say I am, but who am I really? He guides readers to uncover and embrace the reality of how God sees them—and why it all matters.

My Thoughts:

The Truest Thing about You by David Lomas and D. R. Jacobsen encourages Christians to address the deeper question concerning their true identity in Christ. It is a recommended Christian book.

In The Truest Thing about You: Identity, Desire, and Why it All Matters, Lomas and Jacobsen want us to look at "the truer things, the things so deeply true about you that they have the power to change everything else" by discovering what God says is the truest thing about us. It is pointed out that there are many true things about us, both good and bad, but what we need to understand is that they are not the real, true core of our existence, or in other words, the truest thing.

Divided up into 8 chapters to explore the truest thing, the chapters are arranged as follows:

Chapter One- Who We Are: A Collection of Someones
 "Have you ever realized that the most fundamental and existential questions in life spring from your identity? Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to be? What is my purpose? Can I ever change who I am? Does anyone know and love the real me?"

Chapter Two- How We Got Here: A Paradigm
Most of us are likely to identify ourselves through what we do, have, or desire.

Chapter Three- What We Are Meant To Be: The Imago Dei
Imago Dei is a Latin term that means “image of God.” "God never took away our call to be both bearers of His image and stewards over His creation. Imago Dei is for all people at all times. It’s who we are.

Chapter Four- The Truest Human: Jesus and Identity
Jesus was human here on earth and our identity should be tied to Him.

Chapter Five- Our Human Condition: The Skin We Live In
We tend to hate what we become and become what we hate, so clearly reinventing ourselves doesn’t work.

Chapter Six- Our Greatest Hope: The Truest Thing About You
We cann't earn God’s approval because God has given us everything anyway. We need to understand that "when God looks at us in Christ, He already approves of us."

Chapter Seven- A Way Forward: Become Who You Are
Our identity in Christ causes us to reimagine all of life. Our source of self-identity belongs only to Christ.

Chapter Eight- God Won’t Stop: The Truest Truth
"We need to trust that God is working in us, that He will bring that work to completion, and that He’s working all this for our good and His glory. And we need to know that it might take time."

I think this could be a life changing book for many people. For those who are looking for a good book for a group Bible study keep in mind that The Truest Thing about You doesn't delve as deep in scriptures as many other books so it might not be my first choice for that purpose. It may be better suited for an beginning study after a foundational class. While I thought that The Truest Thing about You made many excellent points and laid an early foundation for a personal relationship with Jesus, there were a few Biblical points here and there that I just don't interpret the same way the authors presented the information.

Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of David C Cook via Netgalley for review purposes.

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