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The Boy Who Stole from the Dead

The Boy Who Stole from the Dead by Orest Stelmach
Thomas & Mercer: 3/11/2014
Trade Paperback, 368 pages
ISBN-13: 9781477809488
Nadia Tesla Series #2

Bobby Kungenook, a mysterious seventeen-year-old hockey phenom from the Arctic Circle, is accused of murder in New York City. Bobby’s guardian, Nadia Tesla, knows his true identity. If his secret gets out, it could cost him his life. Sports journalist Lauren Ross is in hot pursuit of Bobby’s story. Where did the boy with the blazing speed and magical hands come from? Why has no one heard of him before?
Nadia’s certain the boy is innocent, but the police have a signed confession and an eyewitness. To discover the truth about that night in New York, Nadia must dig into the boy’s past. Her international investigation — in New York, London, and Ukraine — will make her an unwitting pawn in a deadly game and reignite her quest for a priceless treasure, one that could alter mankind forever.

My Thoughts:

The Boy Who Stole from the Dead by Orest Stelmach is a very highly recommended mystery/thriller and the second book, after 2011's The Boy from Reactor 4, in what will be a three book series.

Reporter, Lauren Ross is up in Alaska trying to investigate seventeen year old hockey sensation Bobby Kungenook's true identity - or at least dig up some background information (or dirt) on him. Once again Nadia Tesla, the guardian of Bobby Kungenook, aka Adam Tesla, needs to save him, but Nadia has bigger problems than Lauren. While Lauren is trying to uncover the truth, Bobby has been arrested for murder.

"The depth of her fear for Bobby surprised Nadia. It shouldn’t have. He was her cousin, not her son, and she’d only known him for a year. But they’d shared a harrowing journey when she’d helped him escape from Chornobyl to New York. The experience had created a bond of such depth that here, in the police station, she wished she could swap places with him. For he was all she had, just as she was all he had." Location 237

Nadia needs to uncover the truth behind the man Bobby is accused of killing and find out what happened. Bobby isn't talking and he's locked up.  She knows that for the time being the story about Bobby's past should stay intact. Bobby has a valid birth certificate, and a driver’s license, so the district attorney shouldn't go digging that deep into Bobby's past because he's already in custody. Nadia has no idea what information Bobby is trying to hide from her, but she is sure it is a misguided attempt to protect her from some information.

With help from her friend and attorney, Johnny, and heavily relying on her own intelligence and intuition, Nadia needs to turn to her own skill set to discover some answers - even if those answers send her back to the Ukraine.

While I have been planning to read the first book The Boy from Reactor 4, I haven't had a chance to read it yet. That didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying this second book  in what will be a three book series. Enough background information is included along with the current story that I had no problem in understanding the salient points concerning what had happened in the first book and how that carried on into the plot in this second novel. The storylines between Lauren, the annoying reporter, and Nadia's search to uncover the truth were nicely balanced. At first it seems that Lauren is the real threat, but soon, as Nadia begins to investigate, the concern shifts to others. There are plenty of suspicious characters and as more questions are raised about what really happened  and why, the intrigue and suspense also increase.

Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of
Thomas & Mercer via Netgalley for review purposes


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