Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cold, Cold Heart

Cold, Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter
Witness Impulse: 8/23/16
eBook review copy; 40 pages
ISBN-13: 9780062663290

Cold, Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter is a very highly recommended dark short story.

When the story opens, Pam, 52, is on her way to California for the third time in her life to deliver something important. We learn that a few years early her emotional abusive and controlling ex-husband, John (aka Jon), contacted Pam to tell her he was dying and wanted her to visit him in California, sending her a first class plane ticket. Pam was unsure about going, but saw it as a potential opportunity to extract some closure or revenge.

Her ex was a serial adulterer and a liar. When their marriage fell apart after the death of their son, John blamed Pam. Then he wrote a book, changing his name to Jon, on healing after a loss that was full of slander and cruel indictments of Pam, things millions of people have read and believe. Now her ex lives with a 19 year-old Pilates instructor and is a multi-millionaire. Pam doesn't want his money. She wants a different kind of payback.

Exceptionally well written and perfectly executed, I really, really liked Cold, Cold Heart. I was cheering Pam on and wanted to high five her, saying "You go girl!" While there is no doubt that this is a rather dark story, there are plenty of ex's out there that deserve some special attention. This one is for all the women who put up with their own versions of "John."

Disclosure: My advanced reading copy was courtesy of the publisher for review purposes.

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