Thursday, March 29, 2018

Worth Killing For

Worth Killing For by Jane Haseldine
Kensington: 3/27/18
eBook review copy; 352 pages
ISBN-13: 9781496710963
Julia Gooden Mystery #3

Worth Killing For by Jane Haseldine is a highly recommended suspenseful, tense mystery and the third book in the Julia Gooden series.

Detroit newspaper reporter Julia Gooden's editor assigns her to cover the bow-and-arrow murder of Angel Perez, a college student. Detective Raymond Navarro's partner informs Julia that there were similar crimes in the past and this may be indicative of a serial killing becoming active again. After leaving the scene, Julia is shocked when she sees her estranged father at a gas station and she immediately begins looking for him in hopes of discovering answers to explain her brother Ben's abduction that occurred three decades earlier when he was nine and she was only seven years old.  At that time her father, Duke Gooden, was a con man and her mother, Marjorie, was an alcoholic. Both parents left separately, Ben disappeared, and Julia and her older sister, Sarah, were thrown into the system.

Julia is sure that Duke's return means she will be able to find new clues to Ben's disappearance. But Duke is back to collect something valuable he's hidden in the area, and there are dangerous men who know he is back and are also looking for him. Now Julia is right in the line of fire for these nefarious characters who would kill her, or her sons, to punish Duke. Additionally, the investigation may jeopardize her burgeoning relationship with Navarro.

From the opening of this well-written, suspenseful novel, we know that Ben's disappearance has a connection to Angel's murder, but it is unclear if Duke's return can provide any information or just cause Julia even more pain and vulnerability. The mystery that unfolds is complex, twisty, and treacherous. Threats seem to be around every corner and the path to the truth is obscure and complicated, full of murder and revenge. Haseldine keeps the pace moving quickly along as more information and new leads are found, which will keep you engaged and invested in Julia's investigation and what she unearths.

Worth Killing For will hold your attention from beginning to end. While this is the third novel in a series, don't hesitate to read Worth Killing For. I haven't read the first two novels and felt like enough background information was provided so that I didn't feel like I was missing a piece of the story. 

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