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Earthbound by Paul Falk
BooksGoSocial: 3/10/19
eBook review copy; 205 pages
ISBN-13: 9781090256638

Earthbound by Paul Falk is a so-so science fiction novel.

An asteroid of unbelieveable size (20 miles!) is found to be hurling on a collision course toward the Earth. The impact and the end of life as we know it is going to occur in 32 days and the world falls into chaos. Set in San Diego, California, our protagonist, Jim Stone is ex-Navy and sets out to prepare. He manages to get the last cart load of groceries out of the local store, arms himself, and then coordinates getting his son, girlfriend, and best friend all ensconced at his house.

Setting aside the rather stilted writing and somewhat awkward dialogue, the start to the plot in Earthbound is strong,  The chaos brings violence and Jim is ready to meet it head on, gun at the ready, protecting those he loves and what they have. There are several narrow escapes from death for all of them. The impending disaster looms large and the violence threatening them is palpable. The narrative is gripping at this point and you will be wondering if they can survive.
Then it all takes a side-track, running off the rails of a great start and heads down the allegorical trail. The juxtaposition of concern over the survival, protection, and safety of those you love being suddenly banished for a greater concern that can be made to directly compare to a current political situation was a story-killer. Additionally, the amount of discussion between characters relating to this was, well, kinda preachy and long-winded. Less time was spent discussing the neighbor demanding food and trying to break into your house so you had to kill him. (For those who read Earthbound, ponder this and the other shooting in comparison to the later lecture.) Then the ending abruptly arrives with no conclusion. This is part one of a series.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of the publisher/author.

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