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Single by K.L. Slater
Bookouture: 11/25/19
eBook review copy; 342 pages
ISBN-13: 9781786819284

Single by K.L. Slater is a recommended psychological thriller.
Darcy Hilton is a single mother with two sons, who has had some struggles with mental health issues. After the death of Joel, the boy's father, four years ago she had to give up custody of Harrison and Kane to their grandparents briefly, but since then she has been working hard to care for her boys. When Kane has an asthma attack at the park and Darcy can't find the inhaler she put in Kane's bag, a handsome doctor, George Mortimer, comes to the rescue. George happens to also be a single parent who was at the park with his daughter, Romy. Darcy drops a thank you note (with her name and contact information included) off at the hospital for George. He contacts her and the two begin to see each other.

Darcy's sister-in-law, Steph, and her in-laws basically run Darcy's life. They are on a constant vigilant watch for any sign of her not caring for the boys as they see fit. They have made it clear that they don't think she is ready to date anyone. Darcy keeps her burgeoning relationship with George a secret, but soon she lets everyone know she's seeing him and their relationship is serious. In turn, they all begin to plot against her to take the boys away from her.

Well, this is a whole collection of dislikeable people behaving badly. I'm not saying you won't be glued to the pages, but there really isn't one character to like or trust, including Darcy. (Okay, the children are exempt from this.) Darcy continually makes bad choices - as does every other person in the novel. But, since you can't trust anything anyone says here, so you have to keep reading to see what happens and the truth behind everything.

The writing is good and keeps your attention. It's a fast paced plot with many new twists added along the way. The ending is a bit over the top, but in an enjoyable way since you will know at that point that the whole situation all the characters are in is unbelievable. It is sort of a morality tale about what could happen if you let other people determine the course of your life and if you jump into relationships too quickly.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Bookouture.

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