Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Losing You

Losing You by Nicci French
HarperCollins: 1/28/20; reprint from 2008 edition
eBook review copy; 368 pages
paperback ISBN-13: 9780062876034

Losing You by Nicci French is a recommended story of a desperate mom looking for her missing teenage daughter. This a re-released edition.

It is Nina Landry's fortieth birthday and she and her two children, Charlie (Charlotte, 15) and Jackson, are planning to take a vacation over the Christmas holiday with Nina's boyfriend, Christian. They will be leaving their home on Sandling Island, off the coast of England, and flying to Florida. Much to Nina's annoyance, Charlie is late returning home after going to a sleepover last night. Nina's annoyance turns to concern when Charlie isn't answering her phone - especially when she didn't show up after inviting a whole group of people to show up at 11 am for a surprise birthday party for Nina. They need to finish packing and leave for the airport by 1 pm. Where could Charlie be?

Nina contacts the police as she is sure something has happened to Charlie, but they insist that she probably just ran away or is doing something with friends. Teenagers are notoriously unreliable. Nina knows this can't be true so she starts a one-woman task force to question all of Charlie's friends, track down her movements, and look for any clues to her disappearance.

Pros include that the plot is very fast-paced, as the novel takes place in just one day, from start to finish, and will hold your attention. The action and the clues zoom along and you can chose to enjoy the ride, following the action and developments in the narrative. Cons are firmly all in the "you must suspend disbelief in order to enjoy the plot" category. Additionally, as Nina's character is developed, she actually becomes less likeable. Nina is depicted as a super-character who knows and can do it all, making everyone else, especially the police, look inept. Well, all the other characters are rather inept.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of HarperCollins.

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