Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Getting Even

Getting Even: Two Thrilling Novels of Suspense by Lisa Jackson
2/21/23; 512 pages

Getting Even: Two Thrilling Novels of Suspense by Lisa Jackson is a recommended collection (if you enjoy romance novels) of two previously published romantic suspense stories from 1986.

Yesterday’s Lies and Zachary’s Law are both romantic suspense novels that share revenge as a plot element. I enjoy suspense but don't read romance novels. I have enjoyed several of Jackson's more recent suspense novels, so to be honest, the romance aspect, a central theme, bores me. However, if you enjoy novels focused more on romance with light suspense in the plot, this collection of two novels might be more up your alley. I read them because I have very much enjoyed more recent novels by Lisa Jackson. These two earlier novels most definitely showcase Jackson's growth as a novelist.

In Yesterday’s Lies Tory learns that Trask is back in town and wants to see her. Trask used her five years earlier to put her now deceased father behind bars and she is not interested in anything he has to say. Trask talks to her anyway and wants Tory to help him further investigate the incident that landed her father in prison because he has learned that they may have been others involved.

Zachary’s Law features Zachary Winters, an unconventional attorney with a dark reputation who locates people. Lauren Regis hires him to find her ex-husband who has kidnapped her two children as he won't share custody.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Kensington via NetGalley.

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