Friday, July 28, 2023

Zero Days

Zero Days by Ruth Ware
6/20/23; 368 pages
Gallery/Scout Press

Zero Days by Ruth Ware is a very highly recommended thriller in a race against time format.

Jack (Jacintha) cross and her husband are penetration (pen) specialists who test out security systems for companies. Jack does the physical, on the ground work, while her husband Gabe directs their operations and handles the cybersecurity tests. When Jack is picked up by the police after a job one night, Gabe doesn't pick up the phone to have their client vouch for her and their work for him. After she is finally released, Jack makes her way home, exhausted, and discovers why Gabe didn't answer her call. He was murdered.

Jack is in shock, back at the police station, now being questioned by police about the murder of her husbands. The next day it becomes clear that Jack is the main suspect in Gabe murder. If she wants to find out who killed Gabe and clear her name, she needs to go on the run. With very few people she can trust and a count down before she will eventually get caught, the tension rises with each page.

Jack is a fully realized character and readers will be anxiously wishing her success in finding answers. She is experiencing physical difficulties and grieving Gabe's death, even as she searches for information about who was responsible for his murder all while evading the police and trying to survive.

Zero Days is an un-put-downable, compelling thriller. The fast-paced novel counts down the days as Jack is on the run. This means tension and suspense rise along with every action Jack takes and every twist in the plot.  This would make an excellent movie.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Gallery/Scout Press via NetGalley.

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