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Fatal Harbor

Fatal Harbor by Brendan DuBois
1/30/24 (originally published 5/8/14); 250 pages
Severn River Publishing
Lewis Cole #8

Fatal Harbor by Brendan DuBois is a very highly recommended tale of justice and vengeance. As the eighth book in the Lewis Cole series it would behoove those new to the series to at least read  the previous book, Deadly Cove, before Fatal Harbor, but, honestly, you will want to read more. Lewis Cole is a wonderful character and this series is addictive.

Lewis Cole's best friend, Detective Diane Woods of the Tyler Police Department, is in a coma after protest coordinator Curt Chesak beat her with a pipe. Chesak then, seemingly, disappeared. Cole, with help from his friend Felix Tinios, a security consultant, set out piecing together clues they have in order to find Chesak. It quickly becomes apparent that they are being followed. Someone or some organization does not want him to investigate and they are armed. What these individuals don't know is Cole's determination and resolve to bring his own brand of justice to bear on Chesak no matter the personal cost.

Fatal Harbor shows a new side to the character of Lewis Cole that readers may have suspected was always there, but now it is out in the open. This is personal. He is angry and seeking vengeance, yet he is still observant and careful in his methods. The well-written narrative moves at a fast pace with several surprises and twists along the way. The ending was absolutely excellent. This may be my favorite book in the series read along with Deadly Cove. I actually highlighted several written passages while reading. Thanks to Severn River Publishing for providing me with an advance reader's copy. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.

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