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The Reaper Follows

The Reaper Follows by Heather Graham
4/2/24; 320 pages
Amy Larson & Hunter Forrest FBI Series #4

The Reaper Follows by Heather Graham is the recommended fourth novel in the investigative series featuring Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agent Amy Larson and FBI Special agent Hunter Forrest as they continue their investigation into a series of crimes linked to the four horsemen in the Book of Revelations.

The discovery of a woman's hand and arm along with other body parts lead Larson and Forrest to the fourth Horseman. They discover an oil drum that tipped over and spilled out the body parts. It is quickly determined that there are dozens of oil drums, all filled with body parts that could only have been cut up by human hands. Larson and Forrest along with other investigators must find out who these people were and any connection between them. When they find a small pale horse they know: The fourth horseman of the apocalypse rides a pale horse—and his name is Death.

After a very strong start the plot slowed down to a crawl which tamped down my interest in following the investigation. It was not completely to my benefit that I only read the first book in the series and missed the second and third. There is a lot of information about the Florida Everglades and the Miccosukee tribe which was interesting, but interfered with the action and pacing of the plot. Admittedly, the identity of the antagonist was also easy to determine. For those who enjoy it, expect some romance along with the investigation. If you've been following the whole series, The Reaper Follows will likely appeal more to you and give you closure. Thanks to MIRA for providing me with an advance reader's copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.

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