Thursday, May 3, 2007


Boy oh boy did I ever make out like a bandit, or, err, a pirate, on my birthday yesterday.
I received my yearly Pez dispenser with 2 packages of 6 refills and a whole bag of doubloons. OK, the doubloons were actually chocolate coins covered in gold but since I understand the scarcity of the real thing, these will do just fine.

This years Pez dispenser was Winnie the Pooh. Last years was some Disney princess. This would perhaps be a good time to interject that I actually do not like Pez nor do I collect Pez dispensers. Someone else likes Pez and gives me the dispensers so I can continuously offer Pez to everyone else.
I will now get to say, "Pez?" to family members continuously, while holding up this years dispenser, until the refills are all gone.
Fun times here.

My family also, seriously, got me an Ammonite fossil, like a nautilus, cut in half and polished for display. I have the halves on the fireplace mantelpiece. They also picked up a big chunk of Calcite that has two different colors of green on either side of a grayish layer. These were very nice gifts.

Shhhhh... Just between us, I also picked up about 12 used books for a great price.

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