Saturday, May 26, 2007


Dreamcatcher by Stephen King is really an amalgamation of many earlier familiar storylines rewritten into a science fiction tale of an alien invasion being thwarted by a group of friends. Dreamcatcher was originally published in 2001 and is 617 pages. Although King is known for his hefty books, there could have been a tad bit more editing done here without harming the integrity of the story. I'd have to say that I prefer other novels King has written to Dreamcatcher, but since King is such a prolific writer I may be judging this particular story too harshly. And, after all, it was written while he was recovering from the accident that almost killed him, so it could have been partly therapeutic writing. Be forewarned that some descriptions are rather disgusting and there really is more swearing used than usual.

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Jane said...

Oh! We watched this movie a few years ago. Well, I remember turning my head a lot! LOL I am remembering the phrase, "crap weasels"!!! EWWWWWWW!