Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2008 Challenges

I was looking over my stacks of books to be read in order to prepare for some challenges this year and realized that by far the challenge I need the most is the TBR Challenge. With that in mind, I'm only going to officially join the TBR Challenge and the book-a-week group even though there were several other challenges that would neatly fit into my TBR stacks. Oh, I will naturally do Dana's Justforthehellofit challenge. And I'll stick with the Book Awards group.

Challenges in 2008: TBR, Book a week, Booker, Pulitzer, Justforthehellofit, Book Awards

Life & Times of Michael K - Coetzee, Booker, TBR
Martin Dressler - Millhauser, Pulitzer, TBR
The Known World - Jones, Pulitzer, TBR
Echo Maker - Powers,TBR
The Lost - Mendelsohn, TBR
Atonement - McEwan TBR
The Uses of Enchantment - Julavitis, TRB
Water For Elephants - TBR
The Kite Runner - Hosseini TBR
Oppenheimer - Bird & Sherwin, TBR
The Amazing Adventures of Kavaler & Clay - Chabon, Pulitzer, TBR
The Terror - Simmons, TBR

The Heavenly Man - Yun
The American Plague - Crosby
The Traveler - McLarty
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - See
Gold Bug Variations - Powers
The Effects of Living Backwards - Julavitis
Independence Day - Ford
The Bounty - Alexander
English Creek - Doig
Prairie Nocturne - Doig
Ride With Me Mariah Montana - Doig
These Granite Hills - Stonich
The Way the Crow Flies - MacDonald
Tying Down the Wind - Pinder
The Giver - Lowry
Neverwhere - Gaiman
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Haddon
Obernewtyn - Carmody
History - Morante
Their Father's Gods - Rolvaag
Peder Victorious - Rolvaag
Boat of Longing - Rolvaag
The Center of Everything - Moriarty
The Rest of Her Life - Moriarty
Ten Days in the Hills - Smiley

Plus we can add to the alternates the titles in a huge box of mysteries from my father-on-law that I haven't even counted. I need the TBR Challenge and the book-a-week group desperately.

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Icedream said...

You have some fantastic books on your list! Good luck.