Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two more memories

Two more memories from when I was attending public school in the 60's.

1. I wore a dress or skirt to school every day. All the girls did. If it was winter and bitterly cold, we girls would wear pants over our tights, but we took the pants off at school. This would have included 3 different cities. I never wore pants to school until we moved to the (disliked) small town in the early 70's.

2. At one large city school we all brought butter knives or dandelion diggers to school one spring day and all the classes were assigned the removal of dandelions from part of the lawn. Obviously, this would never be allowed now. I'm actually kind of surprised it was allowed then.

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Jane said...

We had the dress rule too. Although I do remember wearing pants under my dresses in grade school, but we just left them on! lol They dropped the dress rule when I got to jr. high.
We didn't have to dig up dandelions though.