Monday, May 5, 2008

The Wild Trees, update

For those of you who also liked The Wild Trees by Richard Preston but wished that there were photos, or if you like to look at big trees, you don't want to miss the link M. D. Vaden of Oregon included in his comment on my review of April 20th, 2008:

Grove of Titans & Atlas Grove Redwoods

Thank you M. D. Vaden for commenting and including this link to your photos! Your incredible photos were a wonderful and added to my enjoyment of The Wild Trees. This even furthers my resolve to get back out west and look at some more big trees.


M. D. Vaden Portland Tree said...

Stumbled upon your blog post here once again. Thought you might be interested in our latest find.

New World's Tallest Pine

Not just one, but 4 or them. And in the snow too, so it was very refreshing.


M. D. Vaden

Lori L said...

I'm so glad you stumbled back here and updated me!