Saturday, July 25, 2009


Remember the feeling of space and freedom you had when you got rid of a old huge bulky monitor and switched to a sleek, new LCD monitor?
I have that same feeling of freedom.
I've dumped the huge bulky box computer and now just have the Acer hooked up to the monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse for everyday usage.
And it's all more powerful and has more memory than the big box computer. Plus I can unplug the Acer, and take it with me. I have 6 hours of battery life.

I can't believe all the room and space I have on my desk! Heck, my desk is looking too big now!
My next step is to get my hands on a magic stick, as I like to call it. Wonder Boy insists it is a Bluetooth USB dongle. The magic stick will allow me wireless access to the printer. Ain't technology grand!

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