Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie Dude: Giants!

We had a most excellent Movie Dude Weekend. After Just Me and Movie Dude googled odd things while watching a James Bond movie, we enjoyed two giant movies.

Village of t
he Giants (1965)

Director: Bert I. Gordon

Starring: Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford Beau Bridges, Ron Howard, Joy Harmon, Tony Bas
il, Tish Sterling, Tim Rooney, Charla Doherty

Village of the Giants
, ostensibly based on H. G. Wells' Food of the Gods, is one of the most hilarious campy teen movies ever made. This really is a gem of a bad movie. There is lots of 60's dancing, with enough close ups of jiggling dancers that you'll be reminded of a beach party movie. When the movie opens with slow motion frugging (a dance) and one of the first scenes is the bad teens dancing in the rain and mud, you know something special is about to happen. The plot is that the bad teens (trust me, not that bad, lead by a young Beau Bridges) invade the town of the good teens (Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford). In the meantime, Genius (Ron Howard) invents a goo that causes anything that eats it to grow. We get to see a cat, two ducks, and a dog grow before the bad teens steal the goo, become giants, and take over the town from the adults. There are so m
any ludicrous, wonderfully awful scenes in this movie! I don't want to spoil all of the fun for you. I will say we were horrified by one of the most offensive endings ever committed to film. Really.

The movie includes musical numbers by Mike Clifford, Freddy Cannon, and the Beau Brummels The Brummels perform accompanied by a caged, befringed go-go dancer (that I'm sure was a young Toni Basil). Movie Dude insisted upon getting up to dance when the two giant ducks invaded a club and were "dancing" to the music. Movie Dude insisted that the dance was called "the duck".

Very highly recommended - Don't take this movie too seriously and you'll enjoy it.

Giant from the Unknown 1958 B&W

Giant From Devil's Crag, Giant From Diablo Point, The Diablo Giant

Director: Richard E. Cunha

Cast: Ed Kemmer, Sally Fraser, Buddy Baer, Morris Ankrum

An infamous giant Spanish Conquistador comes back to life (after being held in a state of suspended animation) and terrorizes a small California mountain community. This cult film by Richard Cunha was filmed in scenic Big Bear, California. This is one of Just Me's favorite bad movies.

Quotes from the night:

Movie Dude: Google "burning speedo".
In the video they were apparently putting Purel on the speedo to facilitate burning because it's highly flammable.
Just Me, in a voice filled with wonder and a sparkle in her eye: I didn't know that! Did you?
Movie Dude: No!

Just Me: Sharks in love...
Movie Dude: OH! Look at the one below it! Lions...
Just Me: You don't need to say it
Wonder Boy:Oh no, you two...
Just Me: Hey, it's the National Geographic site!

Favorite repeated phrases on Sumo wrestlers: "...entering the ring, girth is advantageous." and "wrestler's slam, slap, and toss..."

Movie Dude: Look up the other name for a donkey
Lori: Don't look up the other name for a donkey

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