Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Butt Exercises with Hipee

One side effect of sharing all my little stories and memories is that some members of my family have started to give me story ideas. The only problem with this is that the suggestions are their stories and memories rather than mine.

I initially started sharing my stories as a way to record them for my adult children and for my sister Hipee to get a laugh. I haven't written anything in an attempt to write an autobiography. In fact, during a recent 4th of July visit to my parent's house, my daughter saw a trophy or plaque or something of mine from high school. She asked her grandma what it was and was shocked to hear that I won a national speech competition.
"Why didn't you ever tell me?"
I shrugged. "That was a long time ago."

Obviously we can see that I may not be the most qualified person to become the family historian. Beyond the fact that I'm decidedly not a writer (any book written by me would get scathing reviews from me), I have really just written about what I've wanted to write about - little snippets of my childhood here and there.

But one story suggestion simply will not die. I'm not in it. In fact, I have no part of it beyond knowing the exercise they were doing. This story belongs to Hipee and PB alone. (If they correct me I will edit this.)

My youngest brother, PB (pretty boy), was visiting our sister, Hipee (high powered executive). She was out of college and working at the time. I think he was spending the weekend with her. He must have been in about 4th grade. I have no idea what they had planned for the weekend. Let's assume they had pizza and were watching movies one night and then ran around the city, maybe went to a mall, the next day. What I do know is that sometime during this visit it was exercise time. PB, even a considerate house guest as a child, followed the exercise routine along with Hipee.

I haven't a clue what Hipee's exercise regime would have included. Not a clue. It would have been around 1983, so Jane Fonda VHS tapes were out. What I do know is that Hipee did butt exercises. In one of these butt exercises she sat on the floor and "walked" across it on her butt. It involved a sort of rolling motion as well as clenching and relaxing your butt cheeks. I don't think it is a recommended firming exercise any more. I don't even know if it was back then, but there you have it: Hipee and PB walked across the floor on their butts.

PB still laughs about doing butt exercises with Hipee. This is one of the stories he wanted me to write about. I think the questions this memory raises are more interesting than the actual story - questions like: Why would PB want me to write about him doing butt exercises with Hipee? Does he think they helped tone and firm his butt? Does he still do the walking butt exercise? Does Hipee? Where did Hipee learn about the walking butt exercise? Will this post increase my link-to-porn-sites spammer?
I'm sure I can and will think of more questions.

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Scottie said...

Too funny!! I literally laughed out loud!!!!! I barely remember PB (sorry, PB, you were barely walking when your family moved...or were you even born yet? Maybe not until Yankton & we visited that time your BIG sis & I made those GINORMOUS chocolate cookies & grams made the yummy chocolate-chip cake!!) But imagining you & Hipee doing butt exercise is hysterical! Far funnier are Lori's post-story musing about YOUR interest in having this tale to the blog.