Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movie Dude Weekend: Piranhas and Angels

We began this Movie Dude Weekend with a particularly bad movie:

Piranha, Piranha, 1972

Director: William Gibson
Cast: Peter Brown, Ahna Capri, William Smith

No one was really watching the movie. Instead Just Me had her laptop out and commenced with searching the internet for name generators. With out any more tedious explanations here are the names for most of our motley group:

Just Me is Dancing Blackberry, Saucy Lolly, Freaky Zombie, Sugar Squeeze.

Wonder Boy is Sweaty Quack, Ugly Zombie, Rockstar Coconut, Cuppy Dove.

Movie Dude is Blinky Cinnamon, Fighting Mango, Departed Werewolf, Pumpie Cheeks

Dragon scribe is Blood Thirsty Banana, Tickling Donut, Crazy Vampire, Lovey Bunny.

Princess Pink is Singing Tamarind, Tangy Viper, Wandering Poltergeist, Sweety Snoockums.

Some of the names seemed to strangely fit people better than others. I'll let you guess who really should be called what name.

The next two movies were:

The Trouble with Angels, 1966

Director: Ida Lupino
Cast: Rosalind Russell, Hayley Mills, Binnie Barnes, Gypsy Rose Lee

e Angels Go, Trouble Follows, 1968
Director: James Neilson

Cast: R
osalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Binnie Barnes, Mary Wickes, Susan St. James

Quotes for the evening:

Movie Dude, on The Trouble with Angels: Why didn't they ever make the monk version of this?

Just Me: Wonder Boy has three sides.
Lori : Good
Movie Dude: Bad
Just Me: Testy

Movie Dude: He hit me in the groins.
Lori: It is groin or loins, not groins.

Movie Dude: I know you play D&D with other people, but can you play it alone?
Just Me: Oh Movie Dude, that would be the most saddest thing of all...

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