Saturday, January 22, 2011


Remember when I made this Admission and declared my love of (fake) Crocs?

Well, my sister Hipee heard my cry of love and devotion. She decided that I needed Crocs for Christmas. Real Crocs.
I can't recall when a gift has pleased me more.

She gave me a stylish bright blue pair, with flamingo buttons
and a comfy brown pair with, for goodness sakes, a flannel lining.

I have been wearing Crocs every day since they arrived.

I love them.

Me and Crocs: BFF

The blue ones even match my What Not to Wear jacket.

(And yes, I know they still resemble clown shoes, but I'm good with that.)


Memories of yesterday said...

I love your croc love. It makes me smile. :D

Lori L said...

My Croc love is aberrant behavior. Really. So wrong, but I can't stop myself.