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The Chimera Seed

The Chimera Seed by Matthew Tully
Comfort Publishing; Copyright ©2009
ISBN: 978-0-9839251-0-1 (ebook)
Paperback edition, 384 pages
ISBN-13: 9781935361329
Richard Tiernan created a bridge to immortality. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack before he had a chance to drink the elixir that would have prevented his demise. Now his son Matthew, who was unaware of the discovery until his father's death, must decide its fate. When large pharmaceutical companies learn of its existence, a struggle develops to determine who will acquire the chemistry that would make them billions of dollars. But Richard Tiernan had a partner and co-developer of the immortality elixir. Upon realizing that a disastrous world situation could develop, he reverses his opinion about releasing the elixir to the public and conspires to destroy it. Matthew Tiernan becomes caught between the desire to mass produce the elixir for profit, or preserving it for a select few. The Chimera Seed is a story of greed, power and pharmaceutical espionage that attempts to shape the quality of life for those who can afford it.

My Thoughts:
The Chimera Seed by Matthew Tully is an exciting action/adventure science fiction thriller that is set in the present day. In The Chimera Seed, Michael Tiernan is the current CEO of  Oisín Pharmaceuticals, a company founded by his father, Richard. Michael discovers after his father's death that Richard, along with his research partner Ivan Falters, were collaborating on a secret project in Sardinia involving the Niamh grapes. The grapes are unpalatable, but one small dose of the purple wine-like liquid produced from them is called Dionysinol, and it apparently not only stops aging, it reverses it.
Michael wants to sell the Dionysinol and the vineyard and make a fortune, while Falters wants to destroy it. Michael's father also did not feel there was enough research to safely release the drug. There is a whole lot of other intrigue, espionage, deceit, greed, and scheming whirling around, and everyone has their own agenda. It soon becomes apparent that there is more to the Dionysinol than meets the eye.
The Chimera Seed  really does have elements of science fiction, a medical thriller, and an action/adventure novel all wrapped up together. Tully nicely blends several ethical questions into the plot without getting too heavy handed or preachy. The whole cast of characters he has created are memorable and very well developed. Tully's plot really keeps moving along at a break-neck speed right to the end and will hold the attention of just about any reader. There will be a sequel: The Chimera Spawn.    
I very highly recommend The Chimera Seed.
(Sorry but I have to use location numbers from my Kindle for this review since page numbers were not an option on this book.)

"Is that checkmate?" asked Richard Tiernan as he carefully examined the marble chess pieces. "I believe it is. You're really getting good at this."
"You let me win, Dad," said his son, Michael. "You could've taken my queen. Didn't you see it?" opening, Location 89-91 

"What's it about?" said the young Tiernan with the impatience of a typical seven-year-old.
"It's a legend that your ancestors used to tell, an ancient legend," said Richard as he opened to the first page. Location 104-105 

Occasionally, when the moon is full and the sea is restless, fishermen and lighthouse keepers claim to see a shimmering white horse dancing in the waves along the shores. Some say it is the red-haired maiden who rides the horse, still searching for Oisín, hoping that some miracle will reunite her with her lost love.
"Did she find him yet?" asked Michael.
"No," said Richard, "the princess is still searching to this very day. She will never give up hope." "Not even in a million years?" Location 143-148
He didn't know what to expect and, despite the grim circumstances, was excited to see what his father had left him. He lifted the lid slowly. A sealed manila envelope sat squarely in the center; seven sealed vials of purple liquid lined the sides. He picked one up and held it against the light, tilting it slowly back and forth, examining the viscosity. A rubber stopper sealed with wax kept the liquid airtight. Putting the vial gently back into the box, he reached for the manila
envelope and tore it open. A thick, ornate, leather portfolio slid into his hands. He untied the strings, opened to the first page and immediately recognized his father's handwriting. I hope that you will never have to read this, and hope is a powerful force. My life's work is now yours. I love you, Dad. Location 180-187 

Dr. Lewis' discovery of the link between human stem cells and the regenerative properties of the simple salamander had turned the tide for Oisín's latest endeavor - Regenerol, a drug originally intended as a revolutionary fertility treatment designed to treat defective ovaries by regrowing new ones. The research and development of the new drug was under Michael Tiernan's direct supervision and was the first major project that Richard Tiernan had left completely in his son's hands. Michael knew that the company would rise or fall with Regenerol - it needed to succeed. Location 285-289 

However, with the successful creation of the generic stem cell - the Mimic cell - Regenerol was no longer limited to the ovary, making the drug much more valuable. Now that Tiernan would not have to contend with the politics surrounding the use of embryonic stem cells, it just might be financially feasible to manufacture Regenerol at Oisín, but it was a huge risk. Location 294-296 

The magnitude of the vineyards was astonishing and excitement began to swell within him as he guessed at the property's value. "My father owned all  this?"
"Yes, and now it's yours. Welcome to Tír na nÓg Vineyards." Location 365-367 

The human trials will work this time, Graham repeated to himself. They did not die in vain. Location 431 

The Chimera Seed had revealed itself to the late Richard Tiernan while he was recovering from a bacterial infection. A terrible fever had laid him up for weeks and he had spent most of that time in the intermediary place where dreams and reality are indistinguishable. Location 505-507 

Mary had learned that her brains and strong personality were always going to be a liability in a world where men dominated the workforce and, to a disappointing degree, reserved key positions for fellow members of the immortal boys' club. At a critical juncture in her career, a superior had told her that men did not like women who could outsmart them and advised her to dumb it down a little. That day, she achieved enlightenment and implemented a drastic career change. In her new profession, she would justify the lies and deceptions that would ruin many lives and careers by a simple yet flawless logic: only the fittest were meant to survive. Location 581-585

Einstein was erroneously credited as saying that the disappearance of the bees would precede the end of the human race by, at most, four years. And the bees were disappearing. The fact that Einstein did not utter the prophetic statement did not alter its validity. Something was killing them, and their murder was kept from the public with all the efficiency that only money could buy. The public was lulled back into its apathetic slumber with lowered commodity costs and feel-good advertisements. Location 635-638
"No. Actually, if I were pressed to sum it up, I would say that your father found the cure for aging."
Tiernan assumed he must have misunderstood. "What did you say?" Location 764-766 

Vincent Tighte would never face the justice system for his crimes. According to Lori, the justice system was too civilized. Tighte's crimes merited a much more severe punishment, and his time was almost up. Location 926-927 

She mourned not a physical death, but something much more savage: a death of opportunity. Location 2561-2562

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