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Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers

Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers: Unlocking the Power of ADHD by Kevin Roberts
Hazelden Publishing; June 2012
Advanced Reading Copy, 250 pages
ISBN-13: 9781616492045


Learn to tap the skills and talents unique to those with ADHD and enhance your ability to succeed socially, academically, and in your career.
An inability to focus, impulsiveness, misbehavior, frequent daydreaming, and a predisposal to addiction are frequently referenced traits of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But what about the gifts of ADHD? In Movers, Dreamers, and Risk Takers, Kevin Roberts, author of Cyber Junkie, takes a fresh approach to this much-written-about topic to help those with ADHD - their parents, teachers, and friends - to tap the hidden strengths and actual advantages inherent in the ADHD personality.
Those with ADHD have a predisposition to confronting the challenges of life and a deep preference for perceiving the world creatively. Roberts helps readers appreciate how the perceptual, interpersonal, and cognitive differences of "ADHDers" like these can be translated into unique skills and talents that can enhance their ability to be successful socially, academically, and in their careers.
Roberts combines the latest research with personal stories, as well as insights born from his work with those with ADHD. He shows readers how to get past the stigma of this condition to eventually turn what have been seen as "symptoms" into character strengths and creative ways to make life richer and more interesting for themselves and the people around them.

My Thoughts:

In Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers: Unlocking the Power of ADHD author Kevin Roberts challenges us to look at new ways to assist those with ADHD, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Even the acronym ADHD conjures up negative descriptions of the disorder (impulsive behavior, difficulty paying attention, procrastination, anxiety, boredom, etc.) And, as is often the case, he writes "...with ADHD, everyone is an expert." (pg 37) This can result in people offering advice without any true understanding behind their suggestions. 

Roberts, who has ADHD himself, encourages readers with ways to put those same traits inherent in ADHDers to good use. In his book, as an educator, writer, and comedian, Roberts combines his personal experiences, education, and life coaching in an entertaining style. He explains ways to help individuals with ADHD (or their families and teachers) turn their lives around by using their inherent personality traits in a positive manner that will ultimately lead to success.

A lot of practical advice and strategies are discussed that can help ADHDers succeed and learn. Roberts backs up his advice and suggestions with many real life stories and examples of how his strategies worked or were adapted to work for various individuals. It was interesting to me that many ADHDers thrive on negativity and are motivated by a crisis. Also, since they tend to be creative and enjoy games, making practical tasks that must get done a game could be helpful.  Roberts is passionate about the importance of play and humor in dealing with ADHDers.

The secret that I discovered while reading Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers is that in many ways Roberts insight, advice, and suggestions could also benefit many people  - even those who are not diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. For example, as he pointed out on page 85, "You need to ask yourself if you have done enough of your own personal growth work to make sure you are not repeating the same worn-out patterns?" Now, wouldn't that advice be helpful for many situations? Or this valuable suggestion: "I recommend a gratitude journal to everyone, especially those struggling to overcome negativity."  (pg. 100-101)

Kevin Roberts wish is that "If you take anything away from this book, understand that what you see as weakness could very well be strength. Arm yourself with awareness, an arsenal of creative tools, and a belief in the power of the ADHD mind. Assume that the ADHDer in your life was put on this earth to help people. Take a step into the odyssey of helping him or her discover purpose, power, and potential in ADHD." (pg. 187) And really, that says it all.

Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers is dedicated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Roberts had a touching, passage about how the Boys and Girls Club saved his life with their mentoring, guidance, diverse programs, and leadership training. As is my wont for all nonfiction books, I appreciated the notes for each chapter at the end of the book and the informative Appendix "The Mystery of the ADHD Brain."

Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers is Very Highly Recommended, especially for anyone who knows someone with ADHD.

Disclosure: For the TLC Book Tour and review purposes I received an advanced reading copy of this book from Hazelden, the publisher.  

Kevin Roberts was born in Detroit, Michigan, attended 12 years of Catholic school, and graduated from the University of Michigan. He taught high school and middle school social studies and foreign languages for four years. For the last 13 years, he has been an ADHD Coach, helping ADHD individuals succeed in school and life. He conducts support groups for teens and adults who struggle with cyber addiction and is the author of Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap. Roberts is a nationally-recognized expert in cyber addictions and also lectures widely on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He speaks French, Spanish, and German in addition to some conversational capacity in Greek, Italian, Arabic, Quechua and Chinese.
Learn more about Kevin and his work on his website,


(The following quotes, as well as those in the review, are from an advanced reading copy of Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers so the actual page numbers and quotes might not be exactly as found in the published version - but they are too good or insightful not to at least mention them.)

Ned Hallowell calls piles the "kudzu of ADD." I get irritated if someone tries to move something or combine my "kudzu" without proper authorization. pg. 32

So, if you are in crisis right now, it is important to keep in mind that you also have a precious opportunity for change, perhaps even transformation. pg. 76

Before anything else, father and son needed to repair their relationship. Constant criticism exacts a heavy toll. Silence is like a "no fly zone" or a "no-man's-lane." It halts "hostilities" and thus gives the relationship space so that healing can slowly begin. After about a week of relative silence, Mike's son asked, "Dad, why are you not saying anything about school?" Mike responded, "Because what I was saying made things worse. I care more about our relationship than I do about your schoolwork." pg. 93

The essence of mediation for me is to cultivate the ability to watch my reactions without getting trapped in them. When I explode with anger, I have been ensnared. ADHDers are master trappers. Meditation is an extrasensory perception that allows me to see the trap on the trail and then chose to walk around it.
Another technique I employ is visualization. pg. 98

We have already covered lists in terms of goal setting, but listing can be useful in a variety of ways. We ADHDers miss details. The only way I have a prayer of keeping commitments and responsibilities is to regularly assume that I have forgotten something. I brainstorm and write down what comes to mind. pg. 128

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