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Frankenstorm by Ray Garton
Kensington Publishing: 5/6/2014
Mass Market Paperback, 352 pages

ISBN-13: 9780786034079

A storm of epic proportions is brewing off the coast of northern California. Residents have been warned to prepare for disaster. It's a false hope in the face of what's coming.
In a secret government lab, virologist Fara McManus tries to stop an experiment out of control--before more human subjects are infected. But in a blazing hail of bullets, survivalist Ollie Monk launches a paramilitary attack on the lab, releasing the infected into the night. And as the nightmare escalates to a fever pitch, internet blogger Ivan Renner traces the destruction as it claims more victims, beginning with a single mother unknowingly spreading the virus. A father and son, held hostage by a lunatic. A local sheriff, single-handedly fighting madness, murder, and worse.
No one will find shelter from this storm.

My Thoughts:

Frankenstorm by Ray Garton was originally published as a set of six short serial stories and gathered together for this edition. In Frankenstorm a huge, freak hurricane is bearing down on the West Coast.  The media is calling Hurricane Quentin "Frankenstorm," but the hurricane is not the real storm in this recommended disaster novel.

 It appears that the homeless population is being picked up off the streets and transported to In a secret lab located in the now closed Springmeier Neuropsychiatric Hospital near Eureka, CA.   The Springmeier estate "had leased it to DeCamp Pharmaceuticals, who then rented the facility to Vendon Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of DeCamp. Vendon was a biochemical company that popped up often in the world of conspiracies because of its history as a government contractor."(location 270) There Vendon Labs is performing deadly experiments on human subjects against their will.

A vigilante conspiracy theory group gathers a small army to break the test subjects free, but then, as the hurricane hits, they learn the truth. The lab has created and infected the homeless "test subjects"with a virus that alters behavior. It is a blood-borne virus that creates and maintains a state of violent rage and paranoia. If you get the blood of a carrier on your skin, you will contract the virus.

Admittedly and unashamedly I was hoping for more of a story about people struggling to survive an epic hurricane on the West Coast. This is really more about the virus and the violent behavior it causes in those infected. As the natural storm hits, the viral storm is unleashed.

This novel is all about the action. There is a large cast of characters and several story lines going on so it pays to pay attention to who's who and where they all are located.  Expect language and violence in this one, but... the novel is entitled Frankenstorm for goodness sakes. The title should give you a clue what to expect. This is an airplane book for me; great escapism, lots of action, some interesting scenarios and an engrossing story, but I wouldn't cry if I misplaced it at the airport.

 Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of Kensington Publishing  via Netgalley for review purposes.

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