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Good Call

Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl
by Jase Robertson with Mark Schlabach
Howard Books: 5/6/2014
eBook, 256 pages

ISBN-13: 9781476763538

The closer we look at the Robertson family, the more we discover the substance and authenticity below the surface of these well-known TV characters. In this enlightening book, Jase Robertson gives us a deep look behind his funnyman exterior. In addition to stories of life in the Robertson family and epic tales of hunting of all kinds, readers will get an inside look at Jase’s personal faith in the Creator of the outdoors he so dearly loves:

“My first thoughts about God came in a duck blind as I gazed upon the diversity and beauty of creation. There is nothing in nature that can be reproduced or equaled by humans. None of our computers, microchips, or cell phones can duplicate what God has put forth. Viewing the details of this magnificent earth is better than any sermon from any preacher I have heard about the evidence of God.”

More than a behind-the-scenes look at this beloved Duck Dynasty character, readers will be inspired and encouraged to implement Jase’s “good call” reflections on faith, family, and fowl into their own lives.
My Thoughts:

Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl is a highly recommended collection of stories and observations on faith and his life by Jase Robertson (with Mark Schlabach) of Duck Dynasty fame.

Good Call is an obvious choice for those who watch and enjoy Duck Dynasty on A&E. Jase Robertson is the second oldest son and has worked for the family business, Duck Commander, for years. Jase also graduated from Bible college and worked in the ministry. This is his chance to tell some stories (along with some comments from his wife, Missy) but, more importantly, share his deep faith in Christ. Obviously, as time has proven, it is easy for some people to make fun or look for faults in a person of faith, but I will always stand by his right to share his faith.

Actually, I don't watch Duck Dynasty. I don't watch TV much at all beyond news and weather (online). I'm not a hunter either. My choice to accept a review copy of Good Call may take some people by surprise... but not everyone. First, I strongly support the Robertson's right to share their Christian faith and beliefs on their TV show and at large. Second, I also grew up in a family with a father, often described as a man's man, who held fast to his strong, abiding faith, and hunting and fishing were a common part of everyday life.

It was from my own background that I could easily appreciate Jase's stories. For goodness sakes, I had an uncle who played Christmas Carols on a duck call and we had to guess what he was playing. (Yes, he did a great job, and yes, we also could guess the carols pretty quickly.) I am a Christian so I understand Jase's faith and share that common bond with him. I value Jase's ability to clearly explain his priorities in life, his faith, as well as entertain us with his hunting and fishing stories.

You don't have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy this book. Some readers might find that they will appreciate Good Call more if they have a passing knowledge of the Robertson family and the show Duck Dynasty. Certainly Christians will respond very favorably to Good Call. I would guess that at least some exposure to someone who is an avid hunter/fisher would help.
Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of Howard Books for review purposes.

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