Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Liar's Sister

The Liar's Sister by Sarah A. Denzil
Bookouture: 9/25/19
eBook review copy; 276 pages
ISBN-13: 9781786817389

The Liar's Sister by Sarah A. Denzil is a recommended mystery featuring two sisters.

Heather is back in the village of Buckthorpe helping her dying mother during her final days. Now that the end is near, her mother is asking for Heather's older sister, Rosie. The problem is that Heather and Rosie have not spoken to each other for years, not since Rosie's addictions resulted in her passing out at their father's funeral. But even more troubling is that Heather is sure that ten years ago Rosie killed their neighbor boy, Samuel Murray, who was also Heather's first love. When Rosie responds to Heather, it seems that she is now sober and straight. Rosie quickly travels to Buckthorpe to say good-bye to their mother.  But the drama for the two sisters is just beginning, especially when the town constable is telling them to sell and leave, their home is robbed, and a threatening note makes it clear that the whole village may be against them.

The chapters alternate between the points-of-view of Heather and Rosie, and covers events and the secrets they are both keeping, from the present and the past. While presented as a psychological thriller, this is really more of a mystery about what happened ten years earlier, when Samuel disappeared, and uncovering the truth about who is currently threatening them. While there are plenty of secrets, there really is no heart-pounding action until the final denouement. Some of the ending reveal you will have predicted, but there will be a few surprising twists too.

The Liar's Sister is a quick, entertaining read, though, and Denzil does a good job with the setting and the sister's strained relationship. She also includes interesting little tidbits of information that will help you deduce some of what is going on.
Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Bookouture.

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