Thursday, March 16, 2023

No Good Lie

No Good Lie by Claire Stibbe
3/15/23; 348 pages

No Good Lie by Claire Stibbe is a recommended psychological thriller.

When Freya Thorne is out running early one morning she finds a woman's body on the beach and is again reminded of her daughters death. She is sure there are similarities in the body found to her daughter's death, especially a red ribbon on the wrists of both women. But her daughter's death was determined to be accidental, so no one believes her. Even more concerning is the fact that she is sure she has a stalker and begins to receive threatening letters. Can she trust anyone?

Chapters are mainly told from Freya's point-of-view with occasional chapters told through the voice of Edward, the stalker. Freya and her stalker are the main characters of the novel. Freya is a flawed character who is struggling with grief, while harboring secrets and fears. Edward seems to have inside information on her and his presence helps increase tension in the plot.

The writing in this atmospheric thriller is uneven, as is the pace, which made it a struggle to focus on reading at times. After a rather slow beginning, it does become more compelling later in the narrative. Adding chapters in Edwards voice was a good choice and increased interest in who he was. There are parts of the plot where you have to set aside disbelief in order to enjoy the novel. The ending is satisfying.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

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