Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Lie

The Lie by Kathryn Croft
4/20/23; 332 pages

The Lie by Kathryn Croft is a highly recommended domestic suspense mystery.

Lucy and Tom and their children Jacob and Ava threw a barbeque for their new neighbors in Surrey signifying their new start. Jacob's girlfriend Rose and her mother Carrie are among the guests. Ava adores Rose and spent much of the evening talking to her. Seemingly, it was a successful evening. Then early the next morning Carrie calls and says Rose is missing. Jacob says he walked Rose home, but there are some questions about his claim. Carrie is certain Jacob had something to do with her daughters disappearance.

The first thing you need to know is that The Lie will hold your attention from start to finish. The second is that the title of the novel is a misnomer as everyone seems to be lying about something. There is plenty of deception swirling around everyone as they are even lying to themselves.

Lucy, Carrie, and Rose narrate the story through chapters told in their alternating points-of-view. This allows insight into their thoughts, personal lives, and eventually their secrets. Honestly, I didn't trust anyone in this novel as they all seemed suspect and sketchy at times. Characters are developed, but slowly as people demonstrating who they really are is part of the plot. The surprising twist in the ending wasn't really shocking because no one is particularly believable. If you like mysteries featuring flawed characters in dysfunctional families, The Lie will entertain you.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Bookouture via NetGalley.

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