Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Bad, Bad Seymour Brown

Bad, Bad Seymour Brown by Susan Isaacs
5/2/23; 400 pages

Bad, Bad Seymour Brown by Susan Isaacs is a highly recommended detective novel and the second novel in the Corrie Geller series.

Corie Geller, former FBI agent, and her father Daniel (Dan) Schottland, retired NYPD detective are living a quiet life until April Brown, a film professor, calls Dan. April was five-years-old when her parents were killed and she survived. The twenty-year-old case was never solved, so when April tells Dan about an attempt on her life, both he and Corie immediately start investigating. The overriding question is who would want April dead? She is well-liked and has no enemies, so is the attempt on her life related to the fire that killed her parents years earlier? They know that April’s father, Seymour, laundered money for the Russian mob.

The focus of the narrative is solving the mystery, but along the way there is plenty of clever dialogue intermixed with the action. Corie and her dad become PIs in this case, which may indicate future cases. There is humor in the plot and plenty of twists along the way.  It does drag a bit and some editing might have been beneficial.

The investigation may be the reason for the novel, but the real focus is on the characters. They are all portrayed as fully realized, likeable individuals and the father/daughter duo work well together. This is an entertaining, humorous novel which can certainly be read as a stand-alone. 3.5 rounded up.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Grove/Atlantic via NetGalley.

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