Thursday, May 18, 2023

One Little Spark

One Little Spark by Ellie Banks
5/23/23; 416 pages

One Little Spark by Ellie Banks is a recommended domestic drama.

A fire destroys a small town and the lives of four women are thrown into turmoil. The story is about these four survivors who are left to pick up the pieces. They also must confront and deal with the many secrets that are now exposed. Do you ever really know the people living around you?

The narrative jumps back and forth in three time periods: the day of the fire, a year before the fire, and a year after the fire. The time jumps make it a struggle to get a handle on the characteristics of each individual, who they are, and how they fit into the plot. Additionally, once I got the characters all sorted out, I discovered that I really didn't like any of them. At a certain point, I was wondering if I really cared about decoding everything that much. The second half of the novel is more compelling and stronger than the first half, which does make up for some of the struggles and confusion at the beginning.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Harlequin via Edelweiss.

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