Monday, September 8, 2008

An Open Letter to Wise Foods Concerning Cheez Waffies

Dear Wise Foods,

Consistently "Cheez Waffies" is one of the top five searches that bring people to my blog. Considering the nature of my blog, this should give you a hint that, obviously, people are looking online trying to find out where they can buy Cheez Waffies. Once a Waffies addict, always a Waffies addict. Cheez Waffies are the best in snacking goodness.

I have blogged about Cheez Waffies three times

Cheez Waffies


The public is clamoring for Cheez Waffies. All of you at Wise Foods need to be wise and consider resuming distribution in the Midwest. Certainly the whole Kansas City metro and surrounding suburbs and cities could alone make it worthwhile. Let me know if I can help. Really.
Thank you for your consideration,



Amy said...

lol, I've never heard of these but now I need to try them!

Jane said...

I'd like to try them too!

Ruth King said...

We don't have these here in PA, but oh, they look good!

Unknown said...

Another Waffies fan a search. I was liking the book reviews too tho, now as i am here. :-D

Dan Newsom said...

I, too, had resorted to searching online for my beloved Cheez Waffies, until I discovered that the Publix grocery chain carries them here in Atlanta. Then I found that not all their stores carry them, so I always check when I see a new store.
My kids always knew growing up that if they did not have a Christmas gift for me, a few bags of Waffies were a sure bet!

Bob Smith said...

When I was in college in the '60s I discovered the Old London Sharp Cheddar waffles. As I rushed from my last class to my job I would stop and pick some up. They were DINNER and I was addicted. I didn't know they were still made! I'm 20 years old again!

Dave P said...

In our area (Peoria IL) we have a similar snack called Jay's Cheese Wheels.

Unknown said...

Publix grocery stores in the southeastern US sell Cheez Waffies. They've been a favorite of mine since I was a kid in the 70s.