Saturday, November 22, 2008


Extremes by Kristine Kathryn Rusch was originally published in 2003. My paperback copy has 373 pages. This is the second book in Rusch's Retrieval Artist Series. Miles Flint has left the police force and is now working as a Retrieval Artist. This is a satisfying mystery that just incidently happens to be set on the Moon. Rating: 4

Synopsis from back cover:
"His name: Miles Flint
His occupation: Retrieval Artist
His job: Find the Disappeared - outlaws on the run, wanted for crimes against alien cultures.
The catch: Flint isn't working on the side of the law anymore.
One simple mistake and a Disappeared could end up dead. But this time, the death of an ailing Retrieval Artist has caught Flint's attention. He suspects it was foul play, not a viral infection. Equally suspicious is a young woman's sudden demise during the Moon's prestigious Extreme Marathon. As Flint investigates, he finds an ominous connection: Both deaths lead back to a scientist. A scientist who is now one of the Disappeared."
"The Earth glowed in front of him, green and blue and white: impossibly beautiful against the blackness of space." first sentence

"Most suits couldn't repair damage that great." pg. 4

"There was no reason for the Med Alert Team to hurry, but he wanted them there now, just in case he hadn't understood what he was seeing. Just in case he was wrong." pg. 7

"Fifteen days without a case, and Miles Flint was beginning to think he had made a mistake. He wasn't cut out to be a Retrieval Artist. The solitude was driving him crazy." pg. 9

"Retrieval Artists specialized in finding the Disappeared, people who went missing on purpose, usually to avoid prosecution or death by any one of fifty different alien cultures. The Disappeared were usually guilty of the crimes they'd been accused of, but by human standards, most of those crimes were harmless." pg. 14

"She would have been lying, of course. She really didn't care about a safe race. What she wanted was the opportunity to collect DNA from all the female runners." pg 35

"He wanted to know how the hacks in Wagner's law firm had found him so quickly, and he wasn't going to leave this tiny desk until he found out." pg. 49

"Paloma's question haunted him: Why did he still work? He didn't need the money." pg. 101

" 'You know what this could be?' He sounded surprised.
'I have my suspicions,' Oliviari said. 'Let's just hope I'm wrong.' " pg. 145

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