Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm a prolific dreamer. Every night I have vivid, interesting dreams. The problem is that I spend entirely too much time dreaming about going to the bathroom, at least in the dreams I'm having before I wake up, the ones I tend to remember.
It seems that if I need to go pee my subconscious informs me about this by having the action in my dream include me trying to pee... somewhere. I find this weird break in the action annoying. Couldn't my subconscious just tell me my bladder's full by having me think about it rather than always changing the plot of the dream to "now try to pee"? It's really interrupting the flow of my dreams. Stories are being left unfinished, plots changed, and action stalls as suddenly I need to pee... somewhere.

This was really annoying this morning. It was a good dream until suddenly the dream-script changed and I was trying to pee in a closet.


just me said...

THIS is why I have grown up to be such a disturbed individual.

Lori L said...

Because I have vivid dreams? Or because I dream of having to pee? And how does this affect YOU?

Memories of yesterday said...

ROFL The comments made me laugh harder than the post. I have so done this though. On the BRIGHT side, at least your bladder doesn't think it's actually time TO PEE. :D

Lori L said...

LOL! That is the one good thing... I'm always trying, never going.
Last night one dream included moving to a neighborhood where you got your kids through pods distributed by the Home Owners Association, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers goes suburban.

Jane said...