Monday, February 16, 2009

In defense of Stephen King, or What is good writing, anyway?

I've been following the whole Stephen King slamming Stephenie Meyers saga, and really appreciated this article:

In defense of Stephen King, or What is good writing, anyway?
February 6, 11:09 PM by Michelle Kerns, Book Examiner


Wendy said...

Lori, thanks for the link to that terrific piece by Michelle Kern...I love Stephen King and have read almost everything he has written...I have never read anything by Stephanie Meyer because her books just never appealed to me so I can't comment specifically on her writing. But King is a wonderful writer - his books are not just horror; they always delve deeper. The Stand is on my all time best books list -

Lori L said...

We feel the same way, Wendy. King really knows how to write AND tell a story. The Stand is one of my favorites too. I haven't read the Twilight series because I'm not interested in books geared toward teenage angst or vampires. I KNOW if I read them, I'd end up giving them a bad rating or no rating.

The trouble with many of the rabid Twilight fans who are taking offense at King's comments is that they have never really read his books and, I'm not positive they understand what a good writer can do versus someone who is simply telling a good story. Michelle Kern did a wonderful job explaining the difference.