Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Six Sacred Stones

The Six Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly was originally published in 2008. My paperback copy is 577 pages. What can I say? First, Reilly makes it clear in a author interview included in my copy that he is planning a series of books featuring Jack West Jr. and other characters found in 7 Deadly Wonders and The Six Sacred Stones. The Six Sacred Stones is a continuation of the story found in 7 Deadly Wonders, so read 7 Deadly Wonders first. You also need to know that The Six Sacred Stones ends in a cliff hanger, so you will have to wait for the next book to finish the story. (That was a wee bit cruel, Reilly.) I actually felt that Reilly did a better job writing The Six Sacred Stones. He still overuses exclamation points, italicized words, etc, but it seemed to be less distracting. I'm wondering if this is due to the difference in reading Reilly in paperback versus hardcover? If that is the case, read him in paperback. All American's aren't evil now, just some random rogue groups. Do not expect realism or accuracy in details, and you won't be disappointed. (Basically, everything said in my 7 Deadly Wonders review still applies.) Yet again, this is a book that my nephew, Movie Dude, will really love because it reads like a movie. I did enjoy The Six Sacred Stones in spite of all the obvious flaws.
for action/adventure junkies that don't require accurate details

Synopsis from back cover:
The end of the world is here.
A mysterious ceremony in an unknown location has unlocked a catastrophic countdown to Armageddon. Now, eighteen months after his heroic bid to save humanity from an ancient curse, supersoldier Jack West Jr. and his loyal team of adventurers must find and rebuild a legendary device known only as "the Machine." The clues to their mission can only be found in the fabled Six Sacred Stones, but the team must go on a wild race around the globe to find the relics...even as the deadliest enemies they've ever encountered threaten them at every turn.

"Note death of Australian specialist Oakes in Iraq. The power of Tartarus has been nullified. Someone has the other Capstone." pg. xiii

"Wizard had seen the Mystery of the Circles perhaps a dozen times around the world - in Mexico and Egypt, even in Wales and Ireland - and in various forms: from crude scratchings on bare rock walls to artistic carvings over ancient doorways, but none of those renderings was anywhere near as beautifully and elaborately carved as this one." pg. 3

"The area was also known, however, for certain unusual events.
The Roswell of China, for hundreds of years it had been the site of numerous strange sightings: unexplained celestial phenomena, swarms of shooting stars, and aurora-like apparitions." pg. 5

"He snapped to look back out the kitchen window, saw Lily and Alby still playing out by the barn. Then he saw the hazy orange sky beyond them, glorious in the morning sun -
- as it began to fill with falling figures, dozens and dozens of them, figures that issued blooming parachutes above them, slowing their falls.
Paratroopers. Hundreds of paratroopers.
Coming for his farm." pg. 25

" 'The file summarizes his research into a set of six stones called the Ramesean Stones and their relationship with six oblong blocks known as the Pillars of the World, or sometimes, the Pillars of Vishnu.'
'Vishnu?' Abbas said, recognizing the word. 'As in...'
'Yes,' West said. 'As in I am Vishnu, Destroyer of the World.' " pg. 61

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