Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Breaking News...

Police in a small Kansas town outside a metro area kept a close watch on a sweaty, fat, old lady out walking her two dogs after 10:30 PM on Tuesday. As she walked through the public pool/school parking lot the officer pulled up behind her and kept his headlights trained on her in what appeared to be an attempt to hustle her and her charges along. The dogs in her custody (one large, one small), having heard a cicada on the ground, spotted said bug and were fighting the old lady's attempts to keep them walking in a normal, unthreatening manner. The officer continued his surveillance, keeping his car headlights on her as he observed her stopping to talk to two other old woman who had been out walking on the school's track field.
The officer did not leave his position until he saw the old ladies disperse and move along. It is a well known fact that all old ladies out late at night are suspicious characters.
True. Profiling in Kansas at work.


Lisa said...

I think he was in cahoots with the cicada.

Lori L said...

LOL! The dogs and I are going to be out trolling for the cop in that area of our neighborhood now just to see if he continues to keep us under surveillance or harasses us... much as the dogs tried last night to harass another cicada, a toad, a cat, and several bunnies.