Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now. why would I possibly need a new book case...

Lisa at Books, Lists, Life has dared us to show her  our TBR stacks or the most important books in those stacks.
Here are my TBR books.
Yes, they are all shelved in front of other books in a bookcase.

The two large pictures show the TBR books nicely lined up in front of the other books in the bookcase. The close up of the one shlef contains all the books and alternates for the TBR Challenge.
Other than that, there is not real organization, except the mysteries passed on to me are all together by author


Lisa said...

Awesome! I'm feeling better about the huge numbers of books in my TBR now. I'll have to look closer when I'm not at work.

Lori L said...

I was actually feeling like I had truly been getting the TBR stacks whittled down.... until I saw the pictures and realized how many books are still there.