Sunday, November 15, 2015


Ball: Stories by Tara Ison
Soft Skull Press: 11/10/15
eBook review copy, 232 pages
Trade paperback ISBN-13: 9781593766221

Ball is a collection of eleven dark, creepy short stories by Tara Ison.
Contents include:
Cactus: a young woman's boyfriend dies in a freakish accident
Ball: a young woman adopts an ugly dog who likes to play ball
Bakery Girl: a teen works at a bakery
Wig: a woman cares for her dying best friend while having an affair with her husband
The Knitting Story: a woman knits and knits...
Staples: a boyfriend's other, older, rich girl friend gets a face lift
Needles: a couple leave Iowa and stay in a Motel 6 in Needles, AZ.
Apology: a woman resorts to self mutilation to win back her husband
Fish: a woman plans to feed her uncle's remains to some fish
Musical Chairs: a man cheats on his fiance 
Multiple Choice: a woman has a boyfriend who requires choices that need to be made

The collection is well written, but the themes of several stories were not very appealing, including the titular Ball, and they were a bit too disturbing. This was a so-so collection for me.

Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of Soft Skull Press for review purposes.

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