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The Deepest Kill

The Deepest Kill by Lisa Black
2/20/24; 320 pages
Locard Institute #3

The Deepest Kill by Lisa Black is an excellent, heart-stopping forensic mystery/thriller featuring two complex female protagonists. This is very highly recommended and the third novel in the Locard institute series.

Dr. Ellie Carr and Dr. Rachael Davies, forensic experts at the Locard Institute, are called by billionaire Martin Post, the genius behind OakTree software design, to his compound on the Florida Gulf Coast. Martin's pregnant daughter, Ashley, has been found dead. She had taken out her boat into the Gulf, went missing, and her body washed up on the shore. Martin wants Ellie and Rachel in on the autopsy and investigation to make sure every angle is looked into. The two quickly determine her death was murder. Ashley's husband, Greg, is naturally a suspect, but her murder could also be due to the project she was working on for OakTree. FBI agents Michael Tyler and Luis Alvarez are also on the scene investigating.

The writing is exceptional in this compelling, engrossing story with a fast and riveting plot. As the facts are uncovered in the investigation and interviews in each chapter, the list of suspects grows. More details from Ellie's childhood are also revealed along with the elements from the investigation. Ellie and Rachel have various complicated pieces and clues to investigate. All the intricacies add depth and interest to the narrative while the two try to follow their knowledge and intuition to untangle the many pieces of their investigation.

The Locard Institute series continues to be a very appealing and highly rated series for me and I look forward to another installment of the series. The Deepest Kill can be read as a stand-alone novel although those following the series will appreciate the new insight and development of characters. Both Ellie and Rachel are complex, interesting fully-realized characters. It was such a pleasure to follow them along as they investigated a new case. The other characters in The Deepest Kill are also well-developed and intriguing

Anyone who appreciates novels with details about the forensics and scientific details involved in an investigation along with strong, competent female characters will enjoy The Deepest Kill. I'm anxiously awaiting their next case. Thanks to Kensington for providing me with an advance reader's copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.

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