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Three-Inch Teeth

Three-Inch Teeth by C. J. Box
2/27/24; 384 pages
Penguin, G.P. Putnam's Sons
Joe Pickett Series #24

"Mature grizzlies tend to have two- to four-inch claws and up to three-inch teeth."

Three-Inch Teeth by C. J. Box has Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett facing a rampaging bear and enraged human. It is a very highly recommended  procedural/mystery and 24th addition to the popular, long running series.

When a grizzly kills Clay Hutmacher Jr., Sheridan Pickett's boyfriend, while he was out fly-fishing, Clay Sr. finds his son's body and immediately calls game warden Joe Pickett. It is clear what happened to Clay Jr. so Joe summons the Predator Attack Team. Normally they are successful in tracking and eliminating large predators who have attacked a human, but this time one of the team is attacked. As attacks begin to happen across the area, Joe is concerned that this bear is eluding everyone looking for it.

What Joe doesn't know is that Dallas Cates, a man he helped lock up years ago, has been released from prison. Cates has a list of six people that he plans to eliminate. Both Joe and Nate Romanowski are on the list of people he blames for the death of his family and he wants revenge.

The writing is excellent, as expected, and the pages just flew by in this tension packed installment of the series. I was actually surprised at the page count because it went by so fast. Fans of the series will know all the characters and their backstories but those new to the series will still be able to appreciate the finely tuned, fast-paced plot while meeting the characters. Once you read this you will want to read more books in the series.

The narrative alternates between Joe and Cates, which helps build suspense and a sense of urgency. Readers will begin to put clues together long before Joe, and Marybeth, his wife, begin to have an inkling of what may be happening. Sheridan also makes a surprising discovery when out on a job. Three-Inch Teeth is un-put-downable and will keep you engrossed right to the surprising and shocking ending. I can't wait for the next Joe Pickett novel! Thanks to G.P. Putnam's Sons for providing me with an advance reader's copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.

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